* We do not currently have any coveralls due to a supply issue

What to bring

So you have a booking with us (thank you) and you are not too sure on what to bring?

Generally speaking you don't need to bring anything other than suitable clothing and footwear. For those who are worried about the pain of getting hit with a paintball we have listed below some helpful tips on types of clothing you can wear to minimise the impact.

  • Long sleeve shirt (or jersey/jacket in the winter)
  • Pants (preferably something that is flexible but not skin tight)
  • Covered shoes are a must (preferably older shoes if it's raining)

Currently we do not have any water or drinks available for purchase so we do recommend that you bring enough water for each player. We have a couple of tables you can use for food if you bring any food out to the field with you. If you have a large group and want catering, our friends over at Subway can help with some great platters that are a popular option.

Subway catering
Call Paul on 027 678 2929 to order for your group