Current Playable Fields

Field One

This field we call the wheel field mostly due to the fact that it is comprised almost entirely of large wire wheels.
Reel Field

Field Two

This field we call the hut field. With being bigger than field one and having more bunkers and barricades to hide behind, this is a favourite among players.
Hut Field

Field Three

Field three is dedicated to our low-impact and Gel-Blasting groups. Our smallest field with lots of plastic drums.
low-impact Field

New Fields Under Construction

Due to high demand we are currently working on the epic new Fortress section of our field. For those of you who remember the 'castle' we had before the fire, this will be on a much grander scale and way more fun to play. At this stage the plan is to have a large ring of tyres stacked up to about 2m high with drum baricades and woodern obsticales surounding a central raised platform that will serve as the command section of the Fortress.

We will post regular updates of the construction progress on our Facebook page.